The Director

Kyle Hammersmith’s filmmaking interests begadirector at schooldirector in housewhen he saw the original Star Wars as a boy and, more significantly, when
he watched the “Making of Star Wars” special about George Lucas.  Equipped with a Super-8 camera and a tape recorder, at age 9 he began creating Lego space movies and sports movies at his house on Arden Road in Columbus, Ohio.

His life journey led to several professional careers, including the culinary arts, education, and now filmmaking.  After earning his Master’s degree from The Ohio State University in 1999, he has taught high school and college English classes, with a focus on American Literature.

director with DPdirector at prom 2director at tux shopIn 2005, his mystery novel, The Legend of Lake Marilee, was published and continues to receive excellent reviews from readers of all ages.  In 2015, he wrote the screenplay for “The Love Song of Charlie Beecher” for his thesis film to earn his Master of Fine Arts degree from National University.

Currently residing in Virginia, Kyle has five children and enjoys baseball, reading, writing, the movies, the outdoors, and traveling with his wife Julie and kids.  His favorite part of making “The Love Song of Charlie Beecher” was working with the amazing cast and crew.