Arden Road

Arden Road Productions sprouted in 2015, but its roots go back to 1981.

That’s when what may be the first American-made Lego movie was filmed on Arden Road in Columbus, Ohio by a few kids with a Super-8 camera.  Some scenes were filmed using stop-motion photography, with, uh… moderate success.  The film was recently digitized and uploaded here: “Voyage to Saturn.”

Because kids-with-a-camera are part of Arden Road’s roots, the following home-made shorts may be of interest:  “Sam Falfa” and “Sam the Dancing Ham.”

Now an assistant professor of English, Kyle Hammersmith launched Arden Road with the Plato-inspired mission “our story shall be the education of our heroes.”  Their first professional film, “The Love Song of Charlie Beecher,” is not just his thesis film for his MFA degree in digital cinema, but it’s his love song to his literature students to connect them to poetry and inspire them to dream and dare.