Crew Call

Crew Call — Key Positions.  Short student film to be shot in Lynchburg in May 2016. Low budget—some positions are PAID based on what you can contribute to the project, including equipment.  Specific positions currently needed:  DP, Camera, Sound, Lighting, Choreographer, Production Assistants.

Casting Call scheduled for March.  Stay tuned for roles and audition schedule.

Email for more info.

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Genre: Romantic comedy
Length: @ 22 minutes.

Logline: Introverted teenager Charlie Beecher sees his future self in the person of J. Alfred Prufrock and tries to change his destiny by asking a girl to the prom.

Concept –
Based upon T.S. Eliot’s 1915 poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” (a sad and dark stream-of-consciousness confession of a depressed, middle-aged man), this film adaptation is a light-hearted, modern day, high-school romantic comedy. In the Eliot poem, Prufrock doesn’t change; he never asserts himself with the woman he likes. However, “The Love Song of Charlie Beecher” employs Eliot’s lines to present a younger protagonist who changes not only his own destiny but that of the original Prufrock.

Think Napoleon Dynamite meets A Midsummer Night’s Dream, or The 40 Year-Old Virgin meets Much Ado About Nothing.

Synopsis:  Charlie wants to fit in and enjoy the fun of his remaining senior year, so he decides to ask Kate to the prom. With encouragement from his adult friend Banksy, Charlie tries to overcome his inexperience and insecurities, but he fails in his initial attempts. The fact that Bobby plans on asking Kate in just a few days puts a time crunch on Charlie’s hopes. Meanwhile, he watches a Prufrock-like gentleman fail to profess his love to Miss Haywood. Charlie gets one last opportunity to ask Kate, but will he overcome unexpected obstacles and get his date?

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